Ongoing Projects

The CEEN has developed various short term and long term proposal waiting to be supported from philanthropic individuals and institutions, corporate houses, etc. The CEEN can be approached for details of the project proposals and required funds by the interested donors. The donors will be duly recognized by displaying their logo wherever appropriate.

The main proposals waiting funding are the following:

  • School EE/ESD program in which volunteers conduct EE/ESD awareness classes in 50 schools and colleges. The main objective is to create environmental awareness among school/college going students. (Budget required: l 100,000 a year)
  • Various competitions among the school/college students: Painting, Photography, short documentary on environment. (Budget required: NRs. 50-100,000) for each category.
  • Place based Learning in South Lalitpur (NRs. 3-4,00,000 and above per year per school/community)
  • Teachers Training in close coordination with the local education officials. CEEN intends to conduct a two day reorientation on EE/ESD for teachers, once a month for thirty teachers in each program. This will help them to integrate the elements of EE/ESD into their teaching plan, to support the government’s objective of meeting SD goals. (Budget required: 30,000 for each workshop/training)-3,60,000 per annum for reorienting 360 teachers on EE/ESD.
  • Green shop: The CEEN intends to start a fund raising campaign by making usable items for sale, with environmental messages. They can be caps, cups and mugs, school bags, pencils and pens, T-shirts, etc. The initial funding would leverage more finance through the sale helping the organization to become self sufficient in the long term.