Completed Projects

Development of Eco-Club Strategic Analysis, and Education Package for Terai Arc Landscape (TAL), for WWF Nepal Program.

After studying the schools and institutions where various clubs for environmental activities took place, the CEEN developed a long-term strategy for WWF Nepal Program to undertake and expand the programs in other schools in different districts. The document was able to help WWF Nepal program to develop further environmental education programs. This project was done soon after CEEN was established.

Later, an education package with ten themes was developed for schools lying along the corridor in the Terai Arc Landscape. The package has a lot of activities for students to carry out and identify issues, with guidelines to disseminate the same to the larger audience for wider awareness.

Teachers’ Training/workshop

The CEEN extended its expertise in the training for teachers organized by the central zoo for two times. The training was able to inform the teachers on conservation education and the way this element could be integrated in subjects like science, social studies and other related subjects.

Public campaigns, exhibitions, and competitions.

The CEEN has been able to organize various campaigns, cleanup activities and competitions among the school teachers, students and staff. Art competition on environmental theme, zoo clean up and temple cleanup activities were organized. Greetings cards were made from the selected art pieces with environmental messages.

Development of resource materials-handouts including a documentary film on Dragonflies.

David Welton came to Nepal in 2005 under the travelling fellowship program from Winston Churchill in the UK, mainly to develop a documentary on dragonflies. The CEEN was involved very much in it making, using school students from grade seven of Shuvatara International/School. Workshops for students were organized and the film was shot in different locations, including Solukhumbu area. Kutumba, a popular musical group offered their music to be included in the film as the background music. The film also got an award in the new comer category in the Llemberi Mountain film Festival in Wales in 2005. Please follow for the documentary.

Community School Support Program.

With support from Oyster Worldwide, two schools at Lakuri Bhanjyang in Lalitpur were given a small support. At Basuki school, science lab equipment were given, and at Phedi school, fencing was provided for the school. This helped both the schools to have a better education. Similarly, a Vedic school in Chhaling, Bhaktapur, was provided with books, musical instruments, warm clothes, basic furniture and emergency torches, to help the students to be at comfort.

An Action Research Project

A project titled, “Involving Schools and Communities in Environmental Care and Sustainable Socio-economic Development” supported by Rufford Small Grants Foundation, UK, was implemented in five community schools at Lamatar. The teachers were trained to do community study and identify the issues and ways to resolve the issues. The students were excited to learn many things through research work, which was an extension of their regular curriculum. Please follow the link: for watching the documentary about the project.

Training for Community Learning Centre

The CEEN developed a training module for instructors from ten selected Community Learning Centres (CLCs) from around the country, supported by the National Commission for UNESCO. The same was implemented for three days in the form of workshop for around 25 instructors.

Community Development Project

With support from Future for Nepal, a one year community development education project was implemented successfully in two schools of Lamatar, Lalitpur. The teachers were trained and the students did a lot of research on their community. They organized theatre and a grand exhibition where Prof. Xia Xi from the University was the chief guest. She was impressed with the work the children did. This project, though with small funding, brought about a great change in the way the children learnt from research methods.

Copila Project

With the experience from education program in community schools, with support from Helvetas Intercooperation Nepal, the CEEN launched a four year pilot Climate Change Adaptation Education Program in 13 schools of Ramechhap and Sindhupalchok district, between June 2011-June 2015. The same was extended to two schools in Dailekh, as an education support to the WARM-P project of Helavetas, and with one school in Rupendehi district with River Bed Farming of Helvetas Nepal. Please follow the link: to watch the documentary on the project.