The Environmental Education and Awareness program which was launched from 6th June, was attended by the Ward Chairman who inaugurated the program amidst reporters from  NEFEJ – Nepal Forum of Environmental Journalists, School Principal and Executive Director of CEEN.

This awareness program, run by a group of young, self-motivated, dedicated and energetic volunteers will take a different shape very shortly with the name GREEN SCHOOL AWARD PROJECT for school and college students. The project will include the themes on evolution of our planet, its degrading support system, idea on natural resources management, concept of sustainable development and tips and hints on eco-friendly lifestyle. The program will be for one year, in which students from class VI/VII and above will participate. The selected classes will have classes once a week. The program will be done through power point presentation, films, simulation activities, group discussion session, quiz, mock-assembly, field activities, etc., depending on the nature of theme.