Trip to Solukhumbu and Kavre

A trip to Solukhumbu and Kavre was made by CEEN’s international advisor, Roy Cameron and Founder Chairman, PS Niraula between 16-20 June, along with Eco Himal Staff, to explore the possibility of integrating Place Based Education in the existing programs of Eco Himal in these two areas. Eco Himal is working is Deusa VDC in Solukhumbu along with the local NGO named Deusa Environment Forest Agriculture Research Centre. There was a meeting among the members of this NGO with a field visit to see the activities. The local high school is chosen as the entry for Place Based Education to be radiated among the community members.

Similarly, Eco Himal has programs with 19 schools in Kavre on STD and reproductive health, especially targeted to girl students. The discussions are on the way to include education programs from CEEN to support the ongoing programs there, to make it broader with inclusion of water-related education and climate change/DRR.   The CEEN officials had a fruitful interaction with the headmasters and teachers.

Also meetings with the Directors of Eco Himal and HELP were done to discuss possibilities of working together for community education and development.

CEEN meeting

The CEEN board members met on 27th June to discuss the ways to strengthen the organisation. International advisor Roy Cameron explained his idea to work with communities and the role he is playing in looking for possible donors. The CEEN Director P S Niraula also shared with the board the trip to Solukhumbu and Kavre and also the meetings with the resective directors for working together in project areas.

The board members assured the support to all the upcoming projects.