Place based Education Project Development Meeting

Mr. Roy Cameron from Scotland from Scotland made two visits to Nepal between June and October to develop Place based Education Project in partnership with The Glacier Trust in UK and Eco Himal. He visited Deusa in Solukhumbhu along with the Executive Director of CEEN, P S Niraula to have a frst hand experience of the place, where Eco Himal has an ongoing integrated project in close collaboration with DAFRC in Deusa. Meetings were held with DAFRC officials and also met the SMC chairman of the local high school to seek his advice.

Further, Roy came to Nepal in October to finalize the proposal and also explore possibilities of working with HELP Nepal. The meetings went on well. He also met the Glacier Trust co-Directors, Dr. Morgan Philips and Richard Allen. The project is expected to be launched from February 2018.