International Advisors

Roy Cameron comes from Scotland and is the international advisor. He has worked in conservation education, park education, EE/ESD consultant in China, Malaysia, China an Bhutan. With this experience, he has helped CEEN develop projects which were implemented in rural schools and communities in Nepal with support from Rufford Small Grants Foundation, UK, Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation and Future for Nepal. He has been working very hard in identifying potential donors and also in the process of helping CEEN develop project proposals.


David Welton from Pemborkshire in Wales is an sculptor and environment film maker. His company Animality has been involved in making the documentary on Dragonflies in which CEEN was actively involved. The documentary got award during the film LLemberis Mountain festival in 2005. David has been to Nepal many times and remains as one of the international advisors. Link for the documentary: