Surendra Maharjan, Chairman, has been working in the field of education for more than 20 years, as a teacher, school and college Principal. He is keen to change the educational approaches and methods of teaching for a sustainable future.


Bunu Adhikari, Vice Chairman, is an administrator with Nepal Engineering College, and has been instrumental in founding the organization. She has been a member since the beginning.



Bimal Subedi, General Secretary, has studied law and is also an auditor. He helps the organization in keeping the financial transactions intact and also all renewal procedures.



Bikram KC, Treasurer, is an experienced teacher, and worked in a reputed school for eighteen years. He is also a certified consultant for abroad studies. He is keen on developing the organization and is full of ideas.


Ganesh Singh Dhami is a senior Science and environment teacher in a reputed school for more than fifteen years. He has studied ESD from Kathmandu University and is active in environmental activities in school and the central zoo.


Rachna Shah has been a conservation education officer at the central zoo in Lalitpur, Kathmandu, for a long time and presently heads the zoo. She has international degree on conservation and wildlife and is keen on dissemination of conservation education amongst the students and teachers.

Kala Sangraula is a theatre artist and film director. At an young age she has made and directed several documentaries on various social themes.



Hiranath Maharjan was a teacher for a long time. Having studied Japanese language, presently he works as an educational consultant and teaches Japanese language.




Prerana Bajracharya is a social worker and the Country Director for Future for Nepal. She is keen on education for needy children and works to bring in international volunteers to help schools in Nepal.



Parshuram S Niraula is the Founder Chairman and Director of the organization. He has been in the field of education since 1982 in various capacities and has written several books for children and teachers mainly based on education, environment education and sustainable development. He has studied education and sustainable development, and has attended several international training and workshops related to education/ESD.

He looks after the day today affairs of the CEEN, and also develops concepts and appraises the potential donors. He is supported by the board members in all his activities.

Rabina Manandhar is the Lead Volunteer at CEEN. She has a Masters Degree in Environment Science and has a good experience working with NGOs in the rural areas. She coordinates and delivers Environment Education and Awareness programs in schools, with a team of volunteers. She is enthusiastic about solving environmental issues through educational approach and is very supportive in all programs of the organisation.